John Hodson

I had the great pleasure to meet John Hodson, an employee any company would be thrilled to have. For many years he worked for Shangri-La, a provider organiza on in Salem. While at Shangri-La he worked in the woodshop, using the saw and many complex machines, and most recently on the landscaping crew. He liked this job because he could work outside.

One day, John’s Job Developer, Keith Foreman, called and said Walmart had an open Courteous Clerk position. When John went in for the interview, it ended up not being very long because he was immediately offered the position.

John works 30 to 32 hours a week. When asked about his favorite job task, he likes to go outside and get the carts (even the slow electric carts), and carry outs. He loves being outside and enjoys helping people, so taking items to customer’s vehicles is great for him—even in the rain as he’s an Oregonian!

John is 27 years old, married, and provides for his 15 month old son and wife, who is going to college. This is important to him. He is paid above minimum wage and getting a raise. He states that in about a month he will be getting “my share” –the Walmart profit sharing.

Some of the other great things John has been able to do since starting his job at Walmart is:

  •   Buy new furniture
  •   Buy new shelves
  •   Splurge on video games

John also is beginning to think about having a second child. He loves his job. Even though some customers are not nice, John always smiles and tells them to have a good day. He likes working hard because—“work hard to play hard.” Also, “if you work hard, you can excel in what you do and make money to have fun— and have the life you want to have.” He likes the quote from the movie, Unbroken, “if you can take it, you can make it.”

Keith states that the person who interviewed John and was there when he completed the Computer-Based Learning (which he passed on his own) wishes all people take their work ethic from John, as his dedication is phenomenal. Also, Keith is very proud of John as he got the job! He is succeeding, and he is accomplishing things by himself.